Ohio Plan Management Resources


Additional Services


Ohio Plan Management Resources also offers the following additional, in-depth services to members at a cost based on the specific needs of the entity.

Energy-Savings Programs
Ohio Plan Management Resources Partners with IGS Energy

IGS Energy is one of the largest independent retail energy suppliers in the country, with 27 years’ of experience and more than 1,000,000 satisfied customers. IGS offers Ohio Plan Management Resources member entities competitive pricing alternatives for their natural gas and electricity use. IGS also offers alternative programs—such as solar energy—for communities, and compressed natural gas programs for member fleets.

Ohio Plan Management Resources Partners with CyberClearSafe

CyberClearSafe provides cybersecurity service for small and mid-size organizations. Service offerings include:

  • Individual Department and Employee-Level Assessments
  • Organizational Baseline Audit Reports
  • Threat Analysis and Penetration Testing
  • Continuity and Strategic Planning
  • Improvement Plans
  • Cybertraining and Seminars

Grant Identification and Writing Services
Ohio Plan Management Resources provides affordable assistance to members in the identification and availability of grants to meet their entity’s specific needs. We also provide assistance or comprehensive service in the writing, submission, and follow-up of grants.

Consultation Services
Ohio Plan Management Resources provides personal, highly customized, affordable consultation services to members for:

  • Executive Hiring
  • Legal Consultation
  • HR Consultation
  • Emergency Operations Plan Development and Training
  • Competitive Bidding/RFP Assistance
  • Construction Project Management
  • Levy/Campaign Assistance
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Bond/Capital Financing
  • Police and Fire Personnel Testing and Hiring
  • Zoning and Planning
  • Labor Negotiation Assistance