Ohio Plan Management Resources


Member Benefits


Base Annual Membership Benefits
Ohio Plan Management Resources membership gives you access to the following:

Member/Community Needs Assessment
Ohio Plan Management Resources is committed to understanding the needs and issues that confront our members and providing them with affordable, easy-to-understand solutions for implementation.

Working together, we will conduct a community needs assessment to inventory your entity’s organizational structure and identify challenges and policy or program needs. A phone or in-person interactive session will follow, allowing for a more detailed discussion and analysis of your entity’s needs.

Cybersecurity Assessment
Ohio Plan Management Resources is committed to protecting Ohio public entities from hacking and cybercrimes.

We will provide educational assessment tools to enable you to understand the unique practices of your computer users, the potential vulnerabilities these practices create, and simple steps you can take to reduce your entity’s risk of becoming a victim of cybercrimes. As an Ohio Plan Management Resources member, you will also receive monthly emails with the latest cybersecurity news and best practices.

Energy-Savings Assessment
Ohio Plan Management Resources is committed to helping our members find ways to reduce their natural gas, electricity, and energy costs, and benefit from HVAC and lighting capital improvement projects.

As an Ohio Plan Management Resources member, you will receive a comprehensive, detailed energy review and assessment. You will also receive a follow-up action plan that details how you can generate energy savings.

Access to Semi-Annual Training
Ohio Plan Management Resources is committed to assisting our members in staying up-to-date on the latest developments in matters of critical importance.

We do this by providing live seminars twice a year throughout Ohio on important topics such as:

  • Ohio Open Government Compliance (records retention, public records, open meetings)
  • Emergency Operations Planning
  • Difficult Human Resource Strategies (FMLA, ADA, ADEA, FLSA)
  • Public Bidding Dos and Don’ts
  • Employee Evaluations and Discipline
  • Crisis Planning (officer-involved shootings, natural disasters)
  • Alternative Revenue Source Strategies (grants, bonds, TIFs)
  • Workers’ Compensation Management
  • Unemployment Compensation Hearings
  • Liquor License Objections and Other Strategies to Combat Nuisance Liquor Establishments
  • Unfair Labor Practice Defenses and Collective Bargaining Tips and Techniques
  • Emerging Topics Such as Medical Marijuana Law Compliance

Up to two Ohio Plan Management Resources member entity representatives can attend each training. Additional representatives may attend for a nominal additional fee.

Quarterly Newsletter
We keep our members current on the latest best-practice information about local government practices, energy savings and efficiency, and cybersecurity.

As a member, you will receive quarterly electronic or mailed newsletters. These will feature important information to help you remain up-to-date and knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects.